Airowear Ayr Vest. Air vest plus body protector.

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The Airowear AYR Vest with Flexion Technology
Airowear’s solid understanding of the dynamics of rider injuries has been key to the product development of the new AyrVest, which has a design devoted entirely to providing double BETA Level 3 protection, using an innovative air circulation system certified to the M38 Satra Air Vest standard.

Using air for safety technology enables the AyrVest to offer increased protection to multiple areas of the body. When the air system inflates away from the body, a controlled air zone is created to prevent crushing of the lungs, over inflation and puncturing. Once inflated, the neck is supported to reduce head motion, thus lessening concussion forces. At the front, the AyrVest provides added protection to the sternum as well as inflating further down the body to provide advanced protection to the pelvis.

Internally, there is a solid Beta Level 3 Foundation Body Protector, therefore making the Ayrvest meet all required competition standards in New Zealand.

The appearance of the AyrVest challenges conventional body protectors with its stylish, soft shell gilet, which conceals the nylon encased air system.