GrazeEzy 2 Kg & 4 Kg bags

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Use when...
*When the grass is part or all of your horse’s diet and it is green! 

* When the hay isn’t ideal, meaning it is too ‘rich’ and still causing issues. 
*When you are renting grazing and don’t have control over grass intake

The best results come from feeding AlleviateC/SOS in high doses whilst you are building up the GrazeEzy. This takes a couple of weeks. By then you will know your horse is improving whereupon you can start to reduce the SOS. Bear in mind you may need to add it back in from time to time depending on the weather. 

GrazeEzy is not salt (Sodium Chloride) so salt should also be added to feeds. There are good levels of magnesium in GrazeEzy.
GrazeEzy is not a multi-vitamin and mineral and does not contain selenium. You still need to feed Premium or MVA to supply the daily essential nutrients