Pessoa Legacy XP3

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Pessoa Legacy XP3
This saddle has been designed with a lower pommel and a narrower twist to allow extremely close contact between horse and rider • The thicker panels encourage the back muscles to be used effectively and efficiently • It possesses a medium deep seat and sculptured knee pads which help to support the rider’s
legs. The leather selected for this saddle has been tanned by the recognised Sedgwick Leather Company in England • To achieve the quality required the leather has undergone its own unique tanning process, involving a pre-oil process, to obtain its own natural finish and suppleness.
The Legacy XP3 is manufactured with the XCHANGE gullet system and DPS panel system.
Interchangeable gullets now from NARROW - XXX-WIDE 
Trail saddles available , please contact us for more information. 
Available in Black by order. 



Pessoa is synonymous with quality and legend The classical riding style of Nelson Pessoa is an inspiration for every rider. Pessoa saddles promote enormous loyalty from their users due to their extraordinary quality, design testing and workmanship, besides this, the Pessoa line benefits from the result of the international competition benchmark •Therefore acquiring a Pessoa is more than a purchase • It is a lifetime adoption • Pessoa always aims for more

•After all, limits are made to be broken.

Only 6 steps to modify your saddle

Step 1
Unscrew the four screws which are placed on both sides of the saddle, underneath the skirt.

Step 2
Pull-off the two panel pieces.

Step 3
Undo the leather cover to be able to reach the exchangeable steel gullet plates.

Step 4
Change the steel gullet plates for another one with the required size.

Step 5
Fit the end of the tree points inside the inner pocket.

Step 6
Screw once again the four
fixable screws.