Pessoa Rodrigo Pony

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Pessoa Rodrigo Pony

Designed by Nelson Pessoa for Rodrigo in his early years This saddle offers a perfect position and balance for the young rider Made in durable grain leather.
The Rodrigo Pony is available with XCHANGE gullet system and Bayflex panel system.
Now with DPS Flock panel system

Colour: Oak Bark

Size : 15 ¾”

All Pessoa and Trainers saddles are fitted with the XCHANGE gullet system • Gullet width of choice can be fitted with only a screwdriver.
The Pessoa tree is warranted for 25 years 

Pessoa is synonymous with quality and legend The classical riding style of Nelson Pessoa is an inspiration for every rider.
Pessoa saddles promote enormous loyalty from their users due to their extraordinary quality, design testing and workmanship, besides this, the Pessoa line benefits from the result of the international competition benchmark• Therefore acquiring a Pessoa is more than a purchase • It is a lifetime adoption • Pessoa always aims for more • After all, limits are made to be broken